Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is famous for various/obvious reasons, ~cough~ prostitution and liberal drug policies ~cough~ and they get quite a bit of tourism based on just these factors but there is so much more…. They should be famous for the following:

  • Super tall people! I was amazed at how tall everyone was there.
  • The people are super friendly and welcoming!!!!

What to do…

  • Rembrandt House
  • Canal boat tour
  • Cannabis cafe
  • Find some artisinal beer (generally German syle but I did find an IPA)
  • Rent a bike to tour the canals so you can see what living like a local is like (most of them commute on bikes because the city is so flat and quite condensed).
  • I went to the “torture museum”…

So about the torture museum….

I liked it, a lot. It is grim and dark,,, yes. but it also is a reminder of things past done. This is not a popular stop on the tourism route in Amsterdam but it is eye-opening. The Netherland people were explorers (which I appreciate) and they were very good at that and colonizing. No one disputes that. I am just curious about the relevance between the two. Every western country tortured, I know, it is just interesting to see the work from them that was invented as an effective colonial torture.

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