MEXICO CITY BABY! This is a city with a true heartbeat. I know New York never sleeps and Mexico City aka “El Defectuoso”? I didn’t write that, I am stealing it from another blog comment section. Anyway, this is a city of magnitude, the thing you will notice flying into this city (at least from the west like I did) is that it is ENORMOUS.

I don’t have a minute by minute but I feel like I could see urban sprawl at least 20 minutes before we touched down. It’s gigantic. Let’s start with the best about CDMX aka Mexico City:

Metro system for transportation, this should not be understated, yes sometimes cram packed full of people in rush hour but how else can you go anywhere for $5 MXN pesos. Your only limit is the end of the line. GREAT. Cray, sometimes, but awesome nonetheless.

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